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Why hire a professional ?

We listen to your needs and desires, and leverage our artistic and technical competencies for your project’s success.

We manage and take over the project complexity, and get back to you with original ideas and clear and simple alternatives

As an independant counselor, we assist you when dealing with the different contractors.

Sensitive and technical diagnostic

We survey and analyse the specifics and outline the potential of your property.

We indentify the key focuses to address your requests.

Sensitive diagnosis : sunshine, view points to emphasize or hide, feelings triggered by the existing state

Technical diagnosis : identification and assesment of existing plants, soil type, rain water management, sunshine throughout the day and the year, local regulations (PLU - plan local d’urbanisme)…

Sketch design and Masterplan

With your needs and requests as the foundation, we outline a unique and sensitive proposal. We structure the space using the diagnosis elements, design the use cases and suggests different plant combinations (ambiances végétales). Maintenance constraints are build in from the early design stages.

The first iteration allows us to agree the key artistic and design elements of the project, the sketch design (esquisse). The second iteration finalises the project into a masterplan (avant projet), where every element is defined.

Deliverables : Sketches, preliminary plan, atmospheric photos, masterplan, plant palette (colors, flowers, textures and seasons).

Detailed Project

We translate the different spaces and atmospheres of the masterplan into technical documents necessary for the contractors : metered plans, plantation schemes, construction details (steps, walls…), material specifications. We prepare the tender documents (Dossier de consultation des entreprise - DCE) , so that contractors can understand precisely the work to be done, and return relevant quotes to us.

Works supervision

If you wish, you can delegate to us the planning, supervision and validation of the works. We control the quality and compliance of the construction and plantations to the agreed upon design. We manage the unexpected events that always occur during works. You retain the contractors to execute the work, we assist you in the process.

You make the final calls.

Welcome _ _ Conception _ _ Assisting_you _ _ Organic _ _ About _ _ Contact