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Wonder is the salt of the earth

M. C. Escher

Organic gardens

I started organic gardening at my children’s birth, and I want to share my journey with you. Careful observation of your garden, getting to know your plants, understanding your soil - are the key ingredients for a healthy garden, with the right plant at the right place.

Organic gardening is also easier and more frugal in ressources, water and chemicals.

Organic and beautiful – no need to choose !

The right techniques

Attracting bees and birds, starting a compost, eliminating chemical products, limiting watering, choosing a mulch. We guide you and show you the right skills, the rights treatments at the right season.

We can all contribute, day after day, to create generous gardens !

Local plants

We choose plants well suited for your microclimats, generous for our birds and insects, delicate for our eyes and senses.

Lets rediscover the local plants of our countrysides and woods.

Buying locally produced plants, raised at their own rhythm without heated greenhouses, hence well suited for our climate, without excess transportation.

We favor local producers (circuits courts)

Organic gardening is a joyful and rewarding journey.

Let's create meaningful gardens together !

Welcome _ _ Conception_ _ Assisting you _ _ Organic _ _ About _ _ Contact