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Every garden is a seed ready to bloom

Let wonder take over…

Trust us with your garden project : lets explore together its moods, colors and shades.

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Our time and energy for gardening change over time.

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We accompany you to get your garden humming : end to end projet management, workshops or maintenance.

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You wish to take care of nature and implement environmentally friendly practices ? Help nature find its own balance



I decided to combine my passions for beauty, gardens, drawing and sciences by becoming a garden architect, after a 15 year career as a project manager in a global company.

I am french, and have lived abroad several years in Italy and the United States. I am experienced working in international environments, and will be delighted to help you get the garden you wish in France.

I’d love to learn more about your garden project. We can then plan a visit to meet, you and your garden.

tel & sms : 06 12 97 87 72