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Assisting you, at your pace.

One location, many possibilities

A garden stems from the encounter of an owner, a designer and a location. Let's create together something unique.

  • Projects


    Sketch design


    Detailed project

    Works’ supervision

    Make advised choices, that are right for you

    We take over your project, while respecting your wants, needs and your budget. We dialogue through sketches, plans and pictures, and get back to you with clear alternatives. You guide us torwards the garden of your dreams.

    We are the designer and projet manager for your garden.

  • Workshops

    Selecting plants

    Environmentally friendly practices


    Where to start ? What plants are suited for my garden ? How to combine beauty and organic?

    A garden can trigger an amazing number of questions ! We help you define the end state and make the right choices to get there : how to get fast results, how make the most of your time and money. We show you the gardening techniques to garden in an environmentally friendly way, and how to prune your shrubs.

    Invite us into your garden, for a one-off or regular coaching workshops

  • Gardening

    Hiring a gardener

    Reducing maintenance

    Maintenance plan

    Our time and energy to garden change over time.

    Relocation, birth of children, promotion, retirement or holiday house : we may have more or less time to garden at different life stages. We help you identify the right options to enjoy your garden without guilt or frustration : do it yourself, get help on some items, or delegate it all. Choosing the rights plants and the right gardening techniques also help reduce maintenance over time.

    Enjoy your garden, at your pace!

You need one-off or regular help ?

We’d enjoy knowing more and designing the right offer to support your project and maintenance.

Welcome _ _Conception _ _ Assisting you _ _ Organic _ _ About _ _Contact