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Grana Gram

Every garden is a seed ready to bloom.

Did you know the « granas » are the tiny chlorophylle beds in the plant leaves ? They transform light into plants, and initiate beauty in a garden. Grana is also the latin for seed - seeds that hold infinite possibilities and promises. So Grana Gram refers to light and seeds key role in creating beauty, diversity and life.

Founded in 2020, our garden design agency thrives on passion for gardens, high standards and embracing environmentally friendly practices - for the full satisfaction of our customers.


Ariane Cojan - founder

I decided to mix my passion for beauty, gardens, drawing and sciences by becoming a garden architect, after a 15 year career as a project manager in a global company. I am french, and have lived abroad several years in Italy and in the United States. I am experienced working in international environments, and will be delighted to help you create the garden you wish, in France.

Since June 2021, I am vice president of the professional network "Les concepteurs de Jardins" that reunites over 50 passionate garden architects.

BTS Aménagements Paysagers (CERCA d'Angers) - 2 years technician degree in garden architecture

École Nationale Supérieure de Paysage de Versailles - 2 years designer degree in Garden Architecture

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